Why Piscada?

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Our platform is modern

Unlike most industrial software, Piscada was developed from the ground up using only modern frameworks, libraries and models.

Machine Learning

Our solutions use machine learning to recognize behaviors, suggest improvements and save managers' time.

Semantic Modeling

Based only on primitive signalling, our software builds a semantic model that recognizes inputs automatically and does error-detection.

Scalable and customizable

Our platform is

Choosing Piscada means not having to worry about incompatiblity or sub-optimal performance in the future. Our platform is modular and designed for growth, both in terms of scale and complexity.

Our semantic data models were designed from the get-go to be able to ingest and map hundreds of thousands of signals and inputs—and we're always preparing for even larger scale.

Support for
nodes per instance
User base growth
Image Powerfull Analytics We Make it Easy To Track All Uses John Carter - Techstar Webflow Template

Our platform is
good for the planet

Not only does Piscada's platform help managers achieve higher performance and efficiency in their industrial facilities—it also helps them achieve their sustainability goals.

Energy Optimization

Built-in functionality to supervise and optimize energy consumption and improve efficiencies, costs and environmental impact.

Energy Benchmarks

Continous assessment of each building's energy performance in relation to industry benchmarks and best practices.

Easy to use

Our platform saves time

In both its implementation and operation, Piscada's platform is built for efficiency. Our low-code framework combined with a drag-and-drop interface ensures that managers are up-and-running within hours.

By the numbers

Piscada Installations

As of 2023, more than 2,750 industrial buildings and facilities have streamlined their operations by running Piscada's cloud software. And we're just getting started.

Aquaculture installations
Cloud Connected Buildings
Water installations
Other installations