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Foresight is an Industrial IoT Platform for supervision, analytics and optimalization of industrial facilities. Powerful and scalable cloud architecture brings data, data models and open APIs into the common application framework.

Industrial Business Intelligence

The ideal solution for

Foresight Industrial Business Intelligence make use of real-time data, historical data and other data sources to analyse, report, benchmark and optimize industrial facillties. Standardized data connectivity and data models provides fast and flexible setup of algorithms, dashboards and benchmarks.Foresight Business Intelligence main features:

Cloud Functions

Built-in functionality to produce aggregated information, decision support and optimized processes.

Rated Algorithms

No algorithm is created equal, and we only want the best for our customers—which is why rate our algorithms based on performance.

Adaptive Dashboards

Piscada's SaaS platform comes with powerful and flexible tools for visualization—designed to identify opportunities for energy savings, including with trends and alerts.

Events and Alarms

Minimize downtime and iron out inefficiencies by setting up event triggers and alarms in your industrial facility.

Big data at your fingertips

A Low-Code Industrial Platform for Proptech and Industrial IoT

Foresight takes the guesswork out of managing commercial real estate and industrial facilities. Utilizing semantic data modeling and machine learning, Foresight helps you extract business value from the big data you already own.

Building Management

Smart, end-to-end portfolio solution

Energy Optimization

Supervise and optimize energy consumption

Industrial IoT

Support for all connected hardware


Tools for prediction, analysis and data visualization


Built-in functionality for generating reports


Pattern detection and analysis


Continuous assessment of performance

Fault Detection

Alerts based on anomaly tracking


Event tracking and logs


Easy tracking of key performance indicators

Open APIs

Based only on established standards and protocols

Third-Party Applications

Third-party applications, algorithms and dashboards

Mobile Applications

Piscada was built with flexibility in mind, including for on-site inspections. Our smartphone application gives managers full remote control of their building, including support for diagnostics, history and alerts.


Avoid being locked to a workstation by utilizing Piscada's mobile application

Alerts and notifications

Set up alerts and notifications to never miss an important event in your facility

By the numbers

Piscada Installations

As of 2023, more than 2,750 industrial buildings and facilities have streamlined their operations by running Piscada's cloud software. And we're just getting started.

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