Piscada for Aquaculture

Streamline your Feeding Operations

Piscada’s software is the preferred solution for feeding control in the aquaculture industry

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x/y plot showing the rate at white a fishery is feeding a cage
Graphic depiction of water quality with lines for oxygenation and temperatureBar chart showing decreasing peak load over time a 24-hour period

A Complete Solution for Sea-based Aquaculture

Piscada technology combines industry experience with a new attitude towards user control - offering one solution for all feeding operations

Operation Center

Our platform ensures better control of  day-to-day operations and enables control of feeding intensities, blower adjustments and camera operations—all on one screen.

Connect existing hardware and extend hardware lifecycles to reduce both environmental impacts and costs. 

Portfolio Solution
Video System
Feeding System Integrations
Trending Tools
Reporting Tools
Alarms and Events
Mobile Applications
Journal and Notes System
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Sea-based Aquaculture

Unified Feeding and Barge Control

Piscada's solution for feeding and barge control combines multiple features typically offered as individual applications, including for camera, winch and feeding. This enables integrated workflows and seamless user experiences.

Vendor independent
Levels and consumption
Camera support
Land-based Aquaculture

Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS)

Complete monitoring of all processes related to RAS and flow through sites, including energy monitoring, optimization, alarms and notifications — all in a user friendly and customizable interface.

Mobile Application

Piscada was built with flexibility in mind, including for on-site inspections. Our smartphone application gives managers full remote control of their building, including support for diagnostics, history and alerts.

On-site and remote access

Avoid being locked to a workstation by utilizing Piscada's mobile application

Alerts and notifications

Set up alerts and notifications to never miss an important event in your facility

By the numbers

Piscada Installations

As of 2023, more than 2,750 industrial buildings and facilities have streamlined their operations by running Piscada's cloud software. And we're just getting started.

Aquaculture installations
Cloud Connected Buildings
Water installations
Other installations