Foresight for Industrial IoT

How is your data helping your business?

Leapfrog your competitors by making better use of your industrial data with Foresight™—our state-of-the-art SaaS platform for industrial IoT.

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The ideal solution for

Industrial Business Intelligence

Built from the ground up with industrial business intelligence in mind, Piscada's  Foresight platform has been designed capture and create business value from massive amounts of industrial data.

Decision Support

Rather than manage based on assumptions and anecdotes, Foresight enables managers to reach decisions based on reliable, quantitative performance indicators.

Adaptive Dashboards

Foresight comes with powerful and flexible tools for visualization—for maximum efficiency and rapid turnover.

Events and Alarms

Minimize downtime and iron out inefficiencies by setting up event triggers and alarms in your industrial facility.

Rated Algorithms

No algorithm is created equal, and we only want the best for our customers—which is why rate our algorithms based on performance.


Not yet connected?

Have you been missing out on performance improvements because your facility is not yet connected? Not to worry, start here:

Edge Controller

Serving as a gateway between hardware and software, our Industrial Edge Controller brings cloud capabilities to industrial sensors, components and machines.

Operation Center

Obtain greater control, share insights and reduce the environmental impact of your operations with Operation Center—our infinitely scalable industrial dashboard.

What we offer

Industrial Software,
The Way it Should Be

Piscada's tools combine real-time and historical data to better operate, analyze, benchmark and optimize industrial facilities.

Utilizing industry-standard protocols for connectivity, our innovative approach to data modeling enables fast, flexible and cost-efficient setup of both dashboards, benchmarks and algorithms.

Cloud Services

Piscada's platform was from day one built to be cloud-enabled. Secure off-site storage of historical data guarentees both infinite scalability and redundancy.

Industrial IoT

No device left behind! Piscada's platform includes support for all connected hardware, as well as built-in setup and management features for IIoT.


Our full-stack solution includes  SCADA and BMS tools for monitoring, controlling and managing industrial facilities, processes and components.

Business Intelligence

Built with industrial BI in mind, Piscada's new Foresight platform was designed to capture and employ massive amounts of industrial data.


Utilizing state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and statistical methods, our solution includes tools for prediction, analysis and data visualization.

Flexible UI

Our drag-n-drop editor empowers anyone to build custom IoT and SCADA applications and dashboards—without writing a single line of code.

Open APIs

Based only on established standards and protocols, our Open APIs enable developers to retrieve data and build custom industrial applications on top of Piscada infrastructure.

Third-Party Applications

To ensure that we continue to offer the most powerful industrial software suite in the world, in the future Piscada will give users access to third-party applications, algorithms and dashboards.

By the numbers

Piscada Installations

As of 2023, more than 2,750 industrial buildings and facilities have streamlined their operations by running Piscada's cloud software. And we're just getting started.

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