Piscada for Commercial Real Estate

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Minimize the environmental footprint of your portfolio with our SaaS platform for commercial real estate.

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Built with sustainability in mind

Minimize the Environmental Footprint of your Real Estate Portfolio

In addition to continuously improving performance and efficiency, building managers are increasingly expected to minimize the environmental footprint of their real estate portfolio.
Piscada's SaaS platform includes custom made tools for tracking and optimizing ESG performance indicators, including environmental footprint.

What we offer

Software for Smart Building Management

Take a step into the future by setting up Piscada's SaaS platform for commercial real estate, an end-to-end solution for building automation and optimiziation.

Portfolio Solution
Complete GUI Library
EOS Dashboards
Reporting Tools
Trending Tools
Journal and Notes System
Alarms and Events
Mobile Applications
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The ideal solution for

Energy Performance

Utilizing both historical and real-time data, Piscada's SaaS platform for commercial real estate is the ideal solution for energy performance tracking. Using sophisticated algorithms and dashboards, managers are able to track and benchmark performance towards efficiency goals—and make data-driven decisions.

Energy Algorithms

Built-in functionality to supervise and optimize energy consumption and improve efficiencies, costs and environmental impact.

Energy Dashboards

Piscada's SaaS platform comes with powerful and flexible tools for visualization—designed to identify opportunities for energy savings, including with trends and alerts.


Seemless and effortless tracking of key performance indicators gives managers historical, seasonal records of performance and efficiency.

Energy Benchmarks

Continous assessment of each building's energy performance in relation to industry benchmarks and best practices.

Connectivity included

Unlike bespoke solutions which require mapping and structuring of sensors and infrastructure, Piscada's proprietary semantics engine automatically recognizes sources and builds the appropriate data model for each building.

Mobile Applications

Piscada's SaaS platform was built with flexibility in mind, including for on-site inspections. Our smartphone application gives managers full remote control of their building, including support for diagnostics, history and alerts.

  • Drag-n-drop mobile app builder
  • Alerts, notifications
  • Automations
  • Nested app pages
  • Branding and publishing
By the numbers

Piscada Installations

As of 2023, more than 2,750 industrial buildings and facilities have streamlined their operations by running Piscada's cloud software. And we're just getting started.

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